Brain Challenge

Keeping our brains active is great for our health no matter what our age and can even help prevent depression and dementia.  Research also shows that our brains are wired to keep learning and can create new connections right across the lifespan.  So we're never too old to learn new things.

Where to start?

Listen to radio programs, podcasts, or watch tv documentaries or films.
Play games with friends or watch a movie together.
Try free online lectures, learn a language, or explore a new topic that interests you.
Vist the library for reading material, programming and resources like audiobooks.
Take care of your mental health.  1 in 5 Canadians develop mental health issues during their lives and need professional help.  Unfortunately, many of us hesitate to discuss and seek mental health help.  If you need help talk to someone you trust: a friend, family member and your doctor.  It's important to know that like physical illnesses, mental illnesses are treatable and many will improve or completely resolve with help.

Set a small goal!

Set a small goal for your brain health over the next 4 weeks.  Remember the more specific, measurable and realistic your goal is, the more likely you are to succeed, and no goal is too small!  Over time small changes can turn into powerful health benefits!