Social Activity

Having social relationships and someone we can count on are key factors for long term health and our ability to bounce back under stress and illness. Research shows that:

Being social improves your brain performance, including your memory, and lowers your risk of developing dimentia later in life.
Spending time with people socially can improve mood and lower the risk of depression.
Having someone you can confide in reduces your risk of stress-relaterd illnesses.

Here are some ideas...

Call a friend or family member.
Set up a coffee date.
Send an email to someone you haven't seen in a while.
Invite a familky member out to lunch or invite them over.
Try out a local volunteer group, craft or photography club depending on your time and interests.

Set a small goal!

Set one social goal below.  Remember the more specific, measurable and realistic your goal is, the more likely you are to succeed!